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if you're only upgrading a couple at a time) I always upgrade less critical systems first.

I also have a "rollback plan" in place in case I can't fix the system.

I run apt-get update -qq; apt-get upgrade -duyq daily.

This will check for updates, but not do them automatically.

Raspberry Pi: A closer look at Raspbian PIXEL How does Raspbian PIXEL compare to the other Linux distributions I have been looking at?

I am responsible for managing both our production server (mail, web, database are all on one server) and our test server. However as I am very new to system administration, I have only been installing updates as I come across things that have to be updated so that I can have newer features and get bug fixes.

Finally, Raspbian Stretch includes a patch for the widespread Broadpwn flaw that affected i Phones and several Samsung smartphones with the BCM43xx Wi-Fi chipset. Debian 9 'Stretch' Linux has arrived Debian, one of the main Linux distributions, has just released its latest major update.

I also check to see that we're not jumping to an intermediate version of some public service, ie apache, etc."Now desktop applications which require sudo access will prompt for the password rather than simply failing to work if a user without passwordless sudo uses them," notes Raspberry Pi Foundation's UX engineer, Simon Long.Raspbian developers have also added a new extension that allows the Sense HAT add-on board for Raspberry Pi to work directly with the Scratch 2 offline code editor. It works with a physical Sense HAT, or a web-based emulator, such as the virtual Sense HAT created by Trinket that added physical-world sensors, gyroscopes, and color LEDs that can be coded to run on a display.Integrating Pulse Audio with other audio sources was "clumsy", according to Raspberry Pi Foundation. In Stretch, applications no longer assume the current user is 'pi', the default account in Raspbian, and will instead automatically login with the current user name.For sudo access, Raspbian has stopped setting up the 'pi' user with access to sudo without requiring a password.

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