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This is not a group for volunteers, or people who want to volunteer. But not a requirement :) Hopefully you have already worked all this out, and haven't had the same experience, but here's mine: I've hosted over 400 events on meetup.

As an outgoing person, I've chatted to, with hope and attraction, literally 100's of men...

“Don’t think because they are 75, 85 or 95, that they want to settle for a warm breathing body,” she says, sitting at a café near her home in San Rafael where she works.

“They are looking for soul mates.” Actually, she says, there was one guy who admitted he just wanted someone to wash his dishes.

(only to find out in the end, time wasted, as their heart wan't beating to the same tone.) I just want to meet a nice guy! As a foodie, I used to think that if you could eat together, you could sleep together, but I now realise the most important aspect of a healthy relationship, is the common values of your hearts.

Neither was a perfect match, but he says he’s gained confidence and is ready if the right one comes along.

Her sense of a calling comes, in part, from growing up with a strong “romance connection” in the family, she says.

Her father was a rabbi and she watched him perform a lot of weddings and heard him talk about what makes a good marriage.

Gottesman, a UC Berkeley psychology graduate who holds a master’s in social work from Yeshiva University in New York, is an old-fashioned matchmaker in a new age.

Her business, Soul Mates Unlimited, concentrates on matches for Jewish singles all over California—including many in their golden years.

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