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Later in the day active weather systems will begin to encroach form the north-Atlantic; rain will arrive into the northwest and west by evening, extending countrywide after dark with some heavy falls expected.

Highest temperatures ahead of that will range 7 to 11 degrees Celsius, coolest across the eastern half of Ireland.

Much of Saturday will continue wet over Leinster and Ulster with further rain. The rain will clear northeastwards through the afternoon and evening.

Highest temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees with winds becoming light as rain clears.

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Mainly dry this morning with some bright intervals in the east. Rain developing in the southwest, becoming heavy this afternoon and extending over Munster and Connacht this evening.

Spot flooding is likely, especially in parts of Kerry and Cork.

EARLY NEXT WEEK: Becoming increasingly blustery and showery; showers turning wintry later Monday into Tuesday with falls of sleet and snow increasingly more likely.

The focus of the wintry showers will be across the north and west with some accumulations likely - but all areas will be at risk with some thunder occurring locally too.

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