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A smaller percent of the sample, between 58-65% reported teaching students about condoms and negotiation to use condoms, compassion for people living with AIDS, and sexual abuse.Nearly a quarter of all survey respondents did not know if the majority of specific topics stated above were delivered in either or both middle or high school.Rural and urban respondents were analyzed together because there was very little difference between the responses in 2010.Additionally, sexuality education and HIV education were analyzed together because there was very little significant difference here as well.We also want to see the changes and trends over time. It is not representative of everything happening in the state.

Regardless, our belief is that youth deserve access to the information, tools and resources they need to make informed and responsible decisions about their health.

A much smaller sample of respondents answered this question,(between 60-65 of the 217 sample) so it not representative of the entire survey sample nor it is representative of Colorado at large.

Of those who responded, 70-79% reported teaching the following subjects in either middle school, high school or both middle and high schools: healthy relationships, information on HIV and STIs, abstinence, birth control and pregnancy.

All parents have the right to ask questions and review any curriculum being used in the classroom, especially as this can help supplement the important conversations you have with your student at home.

In 2009, Colorado Youth Matter assessed the specific content of approximately 25% of the school districts in the state.

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Our organizations are often asked about what is happening with sex ed in Colorado and what is being taught.

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