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You can talk about how you’re feeling right now or you can just chat about anything. You’ll begin feeling like yourself again very very soon.

Just talking with someone that you’re used to being yourself around will awaken that dormant personality inside. *** I’ll be spending this Thanksgiving with a bunch of other couchsurfing “orphans” in San Francisco.

Obviously don’t just start yakking about yourself out of nowhere.

But as soon as you see even a slight opening, just jump into it. Don’t anticipate a reaction or draw any value from their response.

This is a horrible feeling that I rarely experience anymore, but I used to feel all the time.

Five years ago, when I was twenty-two, I went to a Thanksgiving dinner at my then-boyfriend’s buddies’ place.

But social gatherings with people whom I found intimidating? At first it was okay, but very quickly, I started to get quiet.

Everyone was gabbing and joshing around, and I was quiet.

When you’re feeling insecure, you feel helpless, weak, unsure of yourself. Your confidence fluctuates throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing, where you are, and who you’re around.

If you happen to be around someone who makes you uncomfortable (either because they themselves lack confidence and are judging you, or because you simply them to be judging you), there’s a good chance that your confidence will wane.

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Often when we’re feeling insecure, we ask a lot of questions to avoid opening up ourselves. Physically, this might translate as walking through a doorway first. Go to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and get back in touch with who you are. Even if you don’t believe them in the moment, do it anyway.

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