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It includes the DNA in our bodies, the language we speak, the culture that we are a part of, the beliefs we have, the food we eat, the music we listen to, the places we live in and the memories of our families, friends and community.Our heritage is what gives us our sense of identity and belonging.South Africa's rich and diverse forms of heritage have made its people unique in the world.The study of history and the past is never objective.

Our heritage is everything that we inherit from our families and our society.The way the past is represented is always influenced by the ideology of the present.If you go to heritage places and museums, it is relatively easy to see how the early history of South Africa was distorted during the apartheid era.Whites were portrayed as heroes, while Africans were seen as the enemy.This was a way of justifying the policies of apartheid that were a part of South African history for much of the 20tth century.

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