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The first time I did this workout, it was quite the shock because I kept expecting a mid-circuit break that never came.

My mind wasn’t calibrated to the program, so it nearly knocked me out.

There is only one main circuit with a minimum of repeating of exercises. You alternatively kick each leg to your front as high as you can. Meaning, at least one leg should be in the air at any given moment, and the supporting leg should be moving off the ground prior to the kicking leg returning to the floor. In the DVD, everyone is going crazy trying to keep up with Shaun T, who looks like a machine. Land into the squat position and perform another jab. As you lower your body, simultaneously move your feet apart by 18-24 inches.

The circuit format works well, but it’s good to have one day where I can plow through an exercise without thinking about having to do the same thing over two more times. Jumping jacks, but instead of moving your arms up and down along your side, you will be pumping them up and down in front of you. Basically, you are hopping side to side while twisting your wrists as if you’re jumping rope. Almost the same thing as running in place, but you’re bringing your knees above your hips with each step. Extending your arms to your sides raises the intensity level because they cannot be used to help you build momentum or maintain balance. This exercise works your legs and lower abdominals. You sidestep to the right as fast as possible, reaching down to touch the floor with one hand after 3-4 steps. As you push your body up, you will simultaneously bring your feet back together again. This exercise is aptly named because you’ll feel suicidal as you’re doing them.

This is why Insanity is a 60 day program as opposed to 90 days. After the first warmup circuit is completed, the tempo increases and the exercises are switched. There is only one circuit in Max Cardio Conditioning. First, run in place with your legs spread out so that you are almost in a squat position. Start in the standing position and lower yourself into a squat. Pretend to make shots from the other side of your body. Basically, you are standing upright and kicking one leg up past your waist. A diamond jump is similar to a power jump, except that at the top of the jump, you touch your hands together above your head (to form a shape of a diamond), while at the same time touching the soles of your feet together (to form the end of an arrow). In/Out abs are where you hop while in plank so that your feet come as closely as possible to your hands.

Most people would not be able to sustain another month of high impact/high intensity cardio training. ) it kicked my ass the first time I did it, Max Cardio Conditioning is now my favorite Insanity workout. This exercise activates your core as you touch the floor and raise your body. While in a plank position, keep your feet together and hop from one side to another. The second circuit only has five exercises, but you should exert maximum effort. Exactly like running in place or jogging in place, but you should move your arms and legs as fast as possible. It includes pretty much every Insanity exercise you have encountered in the past. The only repeating you will have to do is when an exercise needs to be done for both sides of the body. Leap vertically and when you reach the top, jab into the air. Your feet are pumping as fast as possible, and your arms are raised as if you are blocking an imaginary person. Do this for a full minute, then switch to the other leg. A hardcore jumping move that will tax all your energy systems. Finish the move by hopping back into plank position. Start off in the plank position with your feet together.

You should know the drill by now—Insanity warmups are misnamed. Second step is to hop so that both feet land right behind your hands.As you lower the leg, your foot should only touch the floor for a millisecond. Punch outwards with your right or left arm, then return to plank position.If done correctly, you will look like a piston in a well oiled engine. Alternate punching with each arm until time is called. After the last exercise, Shaun T commands everyone to remain in the squat position because there is one last exercise to do.This dance has now morphed into an Insanity exercise.Start in the lunge position with one hand touching the floor.

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When you’re done with one leg, switch over to the other for 60 seconds. Stand upright and hop into a squat position with your legs close together as if you’re skiing, then perform a hook (rounded punch). Mostly works your legs and gluts, but your core is also recruited as you bend over. Jump ropes are nothing more than power jumps with some wrist twisting action. There is no jumping for joy when time is called, just a collective sigh of relief.

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