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The dynamic on set was said to be ‘electric’ because of the cast’s star power.They include Michelle Pfeiffer as glamorous American Mrs Caroline Hubbard; Judi Dench as sharp-tongued fellow passenger Princess Natalia Dragomiroff; Johnny Depp as the murder victim; Penelope Cruz as Greta, a Spanish missionary with a ‘secret past’; Olivia Colman as Princess Dragomiroff’s maid; Derek Jacobi, the victim’s valet and Daisy Ridley, recently in the new Star Wars fame, as a governess.”’Murder On The Orient Express will get a UK release in November.Agatha Christie’s grandson, Mathew Prichard, says it all began with a busload of refugees in Torquay.‘That’s where my grandmother was living during World War I,’ he says when we meet.Ice maiden: Sultry Welsh star Rachel Roberts was almost unrecognisable as Princess Dragomiroff's German domestic servant. And Broadchurch's Olivia Coleman looks suitably unsmiling too Indeed, Christie had stipulated that it should be an ‘immense’ affair.

The combination of travel through Europe on a winter night, a group of mixed strangers in a confined environment, beautiful scenery outside, wonderful food, the gentle rocking motion of the train — it’s haunting.’As much a character as any cast member is the Orient Express itself, sweeping its passengers from Istanbul towards Italy until it is halted by a snowdrift in the mountains of Slovenia.Arguably Christie’s best-loved character, Poirot appeared in 33 novels and 50 short stories and has been portrayed on stage, film and television by everyone from Charles Laughton to Orson Welles, Peter Ustinov and David Suchet.Now he is to be brought to life again by Sir Kenneth Branagh, who plays the great man in an all-star remake of the 1974 movie Murder On The Orient Express, which opens next month.It’s likely Harington was in the area with his fiancee and Game of Thrones actor Rose Leslie, whose parents live at nearby Lickleyhead Castle and own Wardhill Castle.An image of the star posing with one of the trees had been posted on the castle’s Instagram page on Saturday, but has since been deleted.

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Relative newcomer Lucy Boynton plays Countess Helena Andrenyi, Leslie Odom Jr (a star from the Broadway hit show Hamilton) is soldier Colonel John Arbuthnot and Tom Bateman has the role of Bouc, a director of the Simplon-Orient-Express line.

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