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He also seems to have an obsession of sorts for Daisuke.

When Daisuke needed to try on the outfit for the commercial, Saga tried to undress Daisuke himself, and also started to take off his own cloting, but was stopped when his secretary hit him with a book and asked what he was doing.

Can anyone suggest anything else, maybe a better dating sim game to play with explicit material, consensual sex, proper loving, and a humorous light hearted mood to make the player feel good? What really hooked me was the RPG elements, since there weren't actually that many sex stuff.

Getting stronger/smarter and having more money was pretty cool and moderately addictive.

Bringing together on one disc the full-length versions of the TV-series opening theme and both outro themes, this is a great buy for fans that want to have all of these compositions on a single disc. The only disappointment is the lack of "Caged Bird," used as the closing of another episode late in the series.

Angel will definitely be pleased with this compilation of vocals from the series.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. My friends introduced me to it back in the earlier days of the Internet, and I liked it a whole lot. I remember the older version of it being better than whatever version of it I could find years later.

that causes him to throw up whenever he sees a naked girl that isn't his mother.

I was busy living a child's carefree life and having fun. It's funny that Internet elitist's who were losers wasting their time indoors on the Internet happen to be the ones who would "laugh" in this situation huh : P ?

In the future, the world's overpopulation problem is traced back to Junta Momonari and his supernatural ability to seduce women, which gains him the title of "Mega Playboy".

During the Toki no Byoushin arc, he temporarily transferred to Daisuke's school in order to oversee the Ice and Snow play.

He seems to be able to tell when Dark is in control of Daisuke's body ("Where's that aura of his that makes me wanna just jump on him?!

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