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That kind of positive reaction has encouraged me.” Gitnick has managed to avoid using the Internet to find dates.But for many single parents, it is a natural first step back into the dating world.Scott, for example, finds that writing a dating profile can be particularly cathartic.“It’s good to put what you’re looking for down on paper and put it out to the universe,” she says.But it provided just the confidence she needed to start dating again.“It was getting back out there and getting my feet wet,” says Gitnick, who has an 11-year-old son and has been single since he was 7 months old.“I go on these dates and I’m so friggin’ angry that I’m not spending the time with a good friend or at home cleaning a closet,” she says.

Perhaps you prepared for hours, trying on a dozen outfits, flat-ironing your hair to perfection and engaging in imaginary conversations with the person who could possibly turn out to be “the one.” Now imagine being a single parent on a date. Is this guy really worth the an hour in babysitter fees?

“I have found that it’s much better to meet a woman through friends because the mutual connection makes you both more respectful of each other,” he says.

In many ways, the experiences of single parents sound a lot like anyone else seeking a decent date.

Instead, she prefers to go straight to coffee; it’s easier to walk away if it’s clear there’s no chemistry.

Mott, on the other hand, has officially sworn off of online dating sites.

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