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Two penalty kicks were awarded to the White Stars, but they were Liverpool was an unique sportsman.Frankie Griffiths, the County School inside left, who has assisted the town club, has signed professional forms for Everton, who gave a trial a fortnight ago to Ken Hamer, the County School centre forward.took the decision to purchase and construct a new playing headquarters at a site to be called Latham Park.The first recorded football match to be played officially in Newtown was on the 9th February 1875.The players are in the town, and others besides the present committee could run a team.

I personally have little doubt that yoy will soon make the first team.

Cries of 'Bravo White Stars' rang out, as they made 'some capital shots for goal'.

The Stars were a much lighter XI than their opponents but gave almost as good an exhibition.

In the 1907 Montgomeryshire Cup semi final, RWW complained that Llanfyllin arrived late and the bad rain had made the pitch difficult.

The committee are not altogether blameless for the present state of affairs, but they do deserve praise for the way they have stuck to the task many would have thrown up as hopeless long ago, especially in view of the lack of support from some of the players and from many of the townspeople.

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