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He seduces Robin and she is about to give in when Barney comes in and tells Nick that he is in love with Robin, so it gives Robin a reason to break up with Nick.Barney confesses his true feelings inside:" I am hopelessly, irretrievably, in love with her, more than she knows." which makes Robin and the gang (over the phone) look at him surprisingly.

One side goes to an extreme to make sure Robin does what he wants.Right when Robin is about to dump Nick, he gets a phone call that upsets him a lot.When he pulls it together he asks Robin what she was going to say, Robin crabs out and tells him to order anything he wants thinking a family member may have died.Robin complains to the gang about not having sex with Nick for 3 days because he injured his groin playing basketball in Marshall's basketball team.Now that they aren't having sex, they are beginning to talk more, which has made Robin realize how dumb Nick really is (although the gang already knew about that fact). The next day Robin tells the gang at the bar that she tried to tell to him about breaking up, but failed, after seeing how hard Nick's abs are.

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Robin then breaks up with Nick and he goes home with 2 women who have also just had their hearts broken.

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