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Partyers welcome, let us know your intentions, we have two large group sites that we can book for you if you are going to be a louder group.

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It is often paired with Cardio Abs, so if you’re following the Insanity program as laid out by the workout calendar, you have a seriously long and intense workout day in store. Don’t forget to touch your hands at the top of each jack. In this video, you are jumping and moving your arms at breakneck pace, probably two jacks per second. Remember to pause if necessary in order to do extra stretches. This is the last water break you will enjoy until the workout is completed. I don’t Burpee-like exercises like this one, but damn are they effective. Pretend you are making a long shot far away from the 3-point line. Repeat four times, then hop four times to the opposite direction.

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Also, it’s vital that you stick to a few ground rules: The best thing about being an older gentlemen is that you can play around with different styles of facial hear and hairstyles.